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Satoshi Tomita, Ph.D.

Present Positions

  • CEO & Venture Capitalist
    CVC JAPAN, Inc.
  • Former Professor,
    Graduate School of Business Administration(MBA Course),
    Rikkyo University, Tokyo
  • Former Research Fellow,
    School of Global Policy and Strategy,
    University of California, San Diego


  • Ph.D. inMedia and Governance, Keio University
    Academic activities are Here!
  • MA in Economics, Kyoto University
  • BA in Policy Management, Keio University
  • Reseaerchexperience at University of Pennsylvania and Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Career History

Since Jun. 1996
Investment research on U.S. securities at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.(U.S. private bank)
Since Feb. 1999
- Joined the startup of Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.(FVC, Kyoto) as one of the 3 founders. Invested in lots of venture companies as a venture capitalist and worked as an external board member of such companies. Led some companies to IPO. Became the first director of Kanazawa office of FVC.

– Made a lot of “Japan’s first” activities including founding the first investment limited partnership in Japan, being the first private VC that was entrusted the national fund and the local government’s fund, founding the first securities investment corporation through venture investment, etc.

– Worked as a senior advisor of Kyoto Research Park(KRP).
Oct. 2001
Achieved FVC’s IPO in just 2 years and a half from the foundation(the eighth fastest in Japan at that time)
Since Apr. 2003
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Creative Cities, Osaka City University(Entrepreneur course of Graduate School for Creative Cities). Lectured “Venture Financing”, “the theory of Venture Capital” , “Business plan making”, “Workshops”,etc. in the master’s course and “New Industry Creation and Politics” in the latter half of the doctor’s course. He was the first deputy of the entrepreneurship research course.
Since Sep. 2005
Moved to The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. Engaged in the investment in private equity funds in Europe and the U.S. and private real estate funds as a specialist. Played the role as the biggest gatekeeper of the venture funding in Japan.
Since May 2008
President & CEO of T-Connection Holdings Co., Ltd. Started the consulting business, holding a lot of subsidiaries and related companies that he invested in and acquired.
Since Mar. 2012 to Present
President & CEO of TC Consulting Co.,Ltd., a new company that focuses on the consulting business.

– Providing his consulting services to more than 180 companies including many large companies being listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and also start-ups specialized in an expansion stage. Main consulting fields are business develpments by arranging corporate alliance.

– Published 6 books about new business developments, Business tips, or IoT and applied AI.
In Sep. 2016
Got his Ph.D. from Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University(belongs to Prof. Yoshiyasu Takefuji’s laboratory) by the Research of a new Mathematical Model of Mutually Complementary for Corporate Alliances.

-One of his academic papers in printed : ”A Mathematical Model for Optimal Corporate Alliances : Evidence from Japan” click!

– Got the Outstanding Research Award at the GCBF 2016 by ”A New Mathematical Model of Mutually Complementary for Corporate Alliances : Selection of Optimal Partners using Eight Characteristics” click!
Since Apr. 2017
Appointed to a Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration(MBA Course),
Rikkyo University
His lectures : Alliance Strategy, Technology & Strategy(IoT and applied AI), Business Simulation(How to make business plans), Seminar (for writing academic papers), etc.
Since March 2019
Changed his company’s name from TC Consulting Co., Ltd.
to Corporate Venture Capital Japan, Inc.
Appoineted to be CEO and venture calitalist

Academic research

Academic Paper
Satoshi Tomita & Yoshiyasu Takefuji(2016)”A Mathematical Model for Optimal Corporate Alliances : Evidence from Japan”International Journal of Management and Marketing Research(IJMMR), Volume 9, Number 1, 2016
Academic paper’s PDF Here

Academic Paper
Satoshi Tomita (2018) ”Creating Research Inventions by Combination of Multiple Theories and Concepts : An Implication from Developing a New Mathematical Model for Corporate Alliances”, Global Journal of Business Research, Volume 12, 2018 No. 1, p.93- p.103
Academic paper’s PDF Here

Academic Conference
Satoshi Tomita & Yoshiyasu Takefuji(2016)”A New Mathematical Model of Mutually Complementary for Corporate Alliances : Selection of Optimal Partners using Eight Characteristics”, with the Outstanding Research Award on January 5th, 2016, “Global Conference on Business and Finance” in Hawaii
Presentation’s PDF Here
Pictures Here

Academic Conference
Satoshi Tomita(2018) ”How to Create Research Inventions by the Combination of Multiple Theories and Concepts: An Implication from Developing a New Mathematical Model for Corporate Alliances”, with the Outstanding Research Award on January 2nd – 5th in Hawaii, “Global Conference on Business and Financ”(GCBF2018)
Paper’s PDF Here
Presentation’s PDF Here
Pictures Here

Academic Conference
Thomas Schmidt, Satoshi Tomita, Yuki Yamauchi & Jörg Sydow(2018) ”Entrepreneurial Storytelling and the Rise of Robotics/AI Start-ups in Japan” on Julyn 5th-7th in Tallinn, Estonia, EGOS(European Group for Organizational Studies)2018, with German professors. Peer-Double Blind Review.
Presentation’s PDF Here
Paper’s PDF Here

Academic associations

  • Academy of Management(AoM)
  • British Academy of Management(BAM)
  • European Group for Organizational Studies(EGOS)
  • Japan Society for Management Accounting
  • Japan Academy of Business Administration
  • Japan Academy of Management
  • The Academic Association for Organizational Science(Japan)
  • The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence


  • The Alliance Strategy for Business Developments
    -Taking Advantage of IoT and Applied AI-

  • Instructional Text of new Business Development
    -The Most Effective Skill Forbusiness Leaders-

    popular book at third impression

  • Instructional Text of Sales Development for Achieving Good Performance for 10 Years From now

  • Lecture of the Global Elite About Something you Need to be Aware of in Your Work

  • The Venture Capital Cycle

    Translated version of the original book of
    Dr. Paul Gompers and Dr. Josh Lerner in HBS
  • The Challenging Road to Cultivate Entrepreneurs

    Joint authorship

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How to use corporate alliances and promote them
How to strengthen sales promotion and how to grow sales
Making a vision and courses of action of each company
How to develop IoT(Internet of Things) services
How to apply Artificial Intelligence(AI) to business fields
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