What’s TC Consulting ?

TC Consulting is a consulting firm supporting clients to develop new businesses through corporate alliances.
  We have provided the consulting services to over 200 companies during the last 12 years in Japan. Half of them are the large companies, most of which are the companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The others are the small and mid-sized companies.
  We have close and effective relationship with almost 5000 companies in Japan.
  We have achieved lots of consulting results and business performances, thus we have acquired a good reputation as one of the most highly-admired independent consulting firms in Tokyo.

Who is President Satoshi Tomita?

Dr. Satoshi Tomita’s profile:
CEO & Venture Capitalist
Corporate Venture Capital Japan, Inc. (CVC JAPAN)

Graduate School of Business Administration,
Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Research Fellow,
School of Global Policy and Strategy,
University of California, San Diego

Business Career
Through an American bank, he participated in the launch of an independent venture capital. He invested in many startups that led to IPO, and the VC itself also achieved IPO. He was formerly an assistant professor (venture capital theory) at Osaka City University and in charge of investment in VC funds at Sumitomo Trust and Banking. From 2008, he established his new consulting firm and has been providing his consulting services to more than 180 companies. His areas of expertise are making corporate alliances and new business developments. From 2017 he has held the position of professor at Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA course) of Rikkyo University in Tokyo. He is teaching alliance strategy theory, management of technology, and commercialization of IoT and applied AI. He is a research fellow, University of California, San Diego from 2018. As an author he has several published books including “Textbook of new business developments: for business leaders to get a competitive advantage”, “Alliance Strategies in the IoT era: The evolution of artificial intelligence and proposal of mathematical matching models”, and “The venture capital cycle”.

Educational Background
Ph.D. in Media and Governance, Keio University
MA in Economics, Kyoto University
BA in International Policy Management, Keio University

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Connection with many companies

We have tremendous connections with more than 5,000 companies in Japan, which is one of our strongest advantages. We can introduce our clients many successful companies in various industries and promising executives of family business companies.
We also have access to university-launched technologies and so we can introduce business seeds to our clients.

Business with companies outside Japan

We attempt an increase of supporting companies outside Japan who would like to expand their businesses in Japan.

Japan market might be unique and special when viewed from companies outside Japan. There are some barriers like languages, cultures and business customs to enter into Japan market.

TC Consulting will support you to enter into Japan market proficiently. We have already supported some US companies to launch their new products in Japan market.

Alliances with Japanese companies

Many Japanese companies would like to form alliances with companies outside Japan in order to expand their businesses in Japan and also to break into the markets of other countries.

We steadily deal with more than 30 clients including some companies who have strong interests and needs of corporate alliances with companies outside Japan. We also have connections with more than 5,000 companies in Japan and can communicate with them regarding corporate alliances.

Please contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in business development in Japan market, looking for some business seeds including Japanese technologies or considering a corporate alliance with Japanese companies to develop your business.

We will provide you our excellent skill of business development through corporate alliances and support you to expand your business in the fastest and most efficient way.

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