Consulting Service

We create new businesses through corporate alliances!

TC Consulting is a consulting firm supporting clients to develop new businesses through corporate alliances.
We have provided the consulting services for over 200 companies during the last 12 years in Japan. Half of them are the large companies, most of which are the companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The others are the small and mid-sized companies.

We have tremendous connections with more than 5,000 companies that we can introduce to our clients.
We attempt an increase of supporting companies outside Japan who would like toexpand their businesses in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to seek a corporate alliance with Japanese companies or business development in Japan market.
Overview of our service

Steps to support your new business development

  • 1

    We grasp the current situation and the requests of our client.

  • 2

    We plan the strategy of new business development (being consistent with the corporate vision / reconstructing the business domain).

  • 3

    We proceed with the strategy based on our experiences, applying other examples as references (building, operating and supporting a new business development team).

  • 4

    We proceed with the strategy based on our experiences, applying other examples as references (building, operating and supporting a new business development team).

  • 5

    We lead the new business development successful and monetize it.

We have worked with over 200 clients in about 12 years

Service Lineup

Strategy Consulting
  • 1Strategy of corporate alliance
  • 2Strategy of sales promotion
  • 3Strategy of business development
  • 4Strategy of defining strength and branding
  • 5Strategy of business formulation and monetization
  • 6Strategy of finance and fund raising
  • 7Strategy of business succession
  • 8Strategy of coordination of various internal opinions and changing of top management’s mind
  • 9Strategy of organization transformation (employee training) according to “vision” and “course of action”
Introductory Consulting
  • 1Introduction of potential clients and sales channels
  • 2Introduction of alliance partners for business development
  • 3Introduction of business seeds for business development

How to use our consulting services

  • Our consulting service contains the two parts, the meeting and the introduction of alliance partners and possible clients.
    We will determine the contents of our support based on the discussion with our client when we make the contract.
  • You can start using our service after making a contract of just two pages of A4 size. The due date for payment is the end of each month.
  • Monthly consulting fee will be determined based on the meeting place (Our office/Client’s office) and the number of the meetings per month. (The basic fee is different between the large companies and small and mid-sized venture companies. Please refer to our website.)
  • We will not provide a report or a document in principle.
    If you need one, the extra fee will be charged for it.
  • President Tomita will be in charge of all cases without using any assistant in principle.

Please contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in business development in Japan market, looking for some business seeds including Japanese technologies or considering a corporate alliance with Japanese companies to develop your business.

We will provide you our excellent skill of business development through corporate alliances and support you to expand your business in the fastest and most efficient way. Contact us